Abi (abigailb) wrote,

bi-annual report

So. It's the second half of the year! I set myself a number of objectives at the start of the year. So far I have done one of them - go swimming (but only once). I've attempted another (to move out), but have failed miserably so far. The other (driving) I haven't bothered with. Apart from this, it's been a reasonably good 6 months really. Been to more pubs and drank many more pints than in the equivilant period in 2004. I might make charts demonstrating this.
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    paranoid abi is paranoid

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    how come I'm not tired, eh? i wonder how much interweb i can read.

  • annual sport post

    In order to get my annual sports related post out of the way early. I would just like to say ha ha ha ha ha ha.

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